International Scientific Advisory Board

We the Citizens also had an International Scientific Advisory Committee to advise on the Citizens’ Assembly in Ireland. Its members included:

  • Professor Ken Carty, University of British Columbia, Canada and former academic director of the British Columbia Citizens’ Parliament
  • Professor Russell Dalton, University of California Irvine; a leading scholar on citizen engagement.
  • Dr Clodagh Harris, UCC, an expert on deliberative processes
  • Professor Michael Laver, NYU and convenor of Citizens’ Juries
  • Professor Peter Mair, European University Institute; a leading scholar on parties and representative democracy
  • Professor Michael Marsh, TCD, director of the Irish National Election Study
  • Professor Ian McAllister, Australian National University; involved in the Australian deliberative polls.
  • Professor Pippa Norris, JFK School of Government, Harvard University; leading expert on citizen engagement

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