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Senator Mac Conghail Welcomes Constitutional Convention

22 Feb

Remarks by Senator Fiach Mac Conghail in the Seanad this morning Wednesday 22nd February 2012 in relation to the announcement of a Constitutional Convention. Senator Mac Conghail chaired ‘We the...read more

Tanaiste welcomes We the Citizens’ findings

12 Dec

  The Tánaiste, Eamon Gilmore TD, has welcomed the findings of We the Citizens, the independent initiative which this year tested the citizens’ assembly model of democratic engagement.  He was...read more

We the Citizens Final Recommendations

08 Dec

Hi there! Just to let you know that 'We the Citizens' will be publishing its final recommendations to government next week! We cannot wait to share these findings with you...read more

Results of the Presidency Poll

28 Oct

Over the course of the Presidential campaign, We the Citizens ran a small, online poll related to reform of the office of Presidency. The results are fascinating. People seem keen...read more

Flickr Photo Journey of We the Citizens

27 Oct

Check out the journey across Ireland that 'We the Citizens' embarked upon in 2011. You'll find photos from the launch, from the citizens' events in Kilkenny, Cork, Galway, Blanchardstown, Tallaght,...read more

We’ve been shortlisted for the Eircom Spiders

26 Oct

The We the Citizens website has been shortlisted for an Eircom Spiders Award in the Charitable and Non-Profit Organisations Category. The team is delighted with this honour. "The eircom Spiders...read more

Citizens’ Assembly on the Agenda

24 Oct

For the first time since the election, a Government Minister has said that a Citizens' Assembly is very much on the government agenda. Minister Phil Hogan was speaking at a...read more

Update from Fiach

11 Oct

Hi there! I know that many of you are curious to know what ‘We the Citizens’ is doing now that the citizens’ events and the national citizens’ assembly have taken...read more

New Online Survey - the Presidency

10 Oct

While the current Presidential race is receiving huge attention, less focus has been paid to the reform issues surrounding this office. You might have figured out who you want the...read more

Belgian Deliberative Democracy

06 Oct

On Novermber 11th 2011, a gathering of one thousand randomly selected citizens will take place in Belgium. They will be given an opportunity to discuss, in all freedom, the future...read more

Latest Education Survey Results

30 Sep

The issue of education reform and also the need for an improved civic education curriculum in schools was a major theme at the seven citizens’ events held in May and...read more

Peter Mair

20 Aug

It was with sadness that we learned of the death of ‘We the Citizens’ advisor and distinguished political scientist Prof. Peter Mair who died suddenly on August 15th 2011. Prof....read more

We the Citizens at MacGill Summer School

27 Jul

Caroline Erskine - Executive Director of We the Citizens and Prof. David Farrell - Academic Director of the We the Citizens team spoke at the MacGill Summer School today. You...read more

Results of Sunday Session

25 Jul

At the end of the discussions on the final day of the Citizens’ Assembly, the recommendations of the participants were gathered in to produce a ballot paper that was then...read more

Public Forum - an easier life for Coalition?

20 Jul

We can say with a high degree of confidence that if the Government decides to establish a structure that allows ordinary citizens to come together to influence and make recommendations...read more

Let People Have their Say on Cuts

19 Jul

The 'We the Citizens' Chair - Fiach Mac Conghail, has written another piece for the Irish Times outlining the findings of an IPSOS/MRBI survey commissioned by 'We the Citizens'. The...read more

Public Want Rounded Students

18 Jul

Fiach Mac Conghail - Chairperson of We the Citizens had a piece in the Irish Times today regarding education reform. Here's a short extract from the article: Time and again,...read more

We the Citizens at the Galway Fleadh

06 Jul

We the Citizens Director, Caroline Erskine, is to participate in a discussion on Ireland and Iceland’s contrasting responses to the crises that shattered their respective economies on Thursday June 6th...read more

Prime Time Special on We the Citizens

05 Jul

Last night, on Monday July 4th, RTÉ's Prime Time did an audience special on We the Citizens and the National Citizens' Assembly that took place last weekend. Fiach Mac Conghail...read more

RTÉ Prime Time Special Tonight!

04 Jul

Tonight, Keelin Shanley will host a Prime Time audience special, looking at  We The Citizens and the National Citizens’ Assembly which was held in Dublin last weekend. Many of the...read more

Recommendations of the Saturday Assembly

04 Jul

The recommendations of Members of the Citizens’ Assembly arising from their deliberations on the morning of Saturday, 25th June 2011: The first session on Saturday morning was devoted to the...read more

Irish Times Podcast with Fiach Mac Conghail

01 Jul

In this week’s Irish Times Politics podcast Harry McGee talks to Fiach Mac Conghail, director of the Abbey Theatre, newly appointed Senator and Chairperson of We the Citizens. Have a...read more

Assembly Votes in Favour of Gender Quotas

26 Jun

A National Citizens’ Assembly of over one hundred people representing a cross-section of Irish society has voted narrowly in favour of  gender quotas in politics. Only 51%  backed the government’s...read more

“We are Making History Today”

25 Jun

In his welcoming address, Chairperson Fiach Mac Conghail thanked the participants for coming from all over Ireland to make a piece of history at this the first event Citizens' Assembly...read more

National Citizens’ Assembly Underway

25 Jun

  Over one hundred people of all backgrounds and from all over Ireland have gathered in Dublin this weekend (Saturday 25th June 2011 and Sunday 26th June 2011) for a...read more

The Citizens’ Assembly – June 25th / 26th

19 Jun

The National Citizens’ Assembly will take place on Saturday June 25th and Sunday June 26th in the Royal Hospital Kilmainham. The assembly will be made of over 100 Irish people...read more

How the Citizens Were Selected

18 Jun

In May and June of this year Ipsos MRBI conducted the fieldwork element of a research project that is being undertaken by We the Citizens. This survey was conducted amongst...read more

Chair says citizens should contribute

15 Jun

The Chairperson of We the Citizens, Senator Fiach MacConghail, has supported calls for leaders and representatives of civic life to be invited to the floor of the Seanad to contribute...read more

Talking Points at the Athlone Event

15 Jun

A large gathering of citizens in Athlone engaged with each other on Tuesday evening, June 14th, on ways to renew Ireland at this time of social and economic crisis. They...read more

“Make things local…”

14 Jun

The need for citizens to have more control over the issues and decisions that affect their lives was the overriding theme at the We the Citizens event in Letterkenny on...read more

What they said in Tallaght

10 Jun

The We the Citizens gathering in Tallaght confirmed a clear mood in the country for more citizen engagement with the political process between elections.   There was also an acknowledgement...read more

We the Citizens’ Final Event in Athlone!

10 Jun

We the Citizens is holding its final citizens’ event in Athlone on Tuesday June 14th, the final of seven being held around the country in the run-up to a national...read more

Talking Points at Donegal Event

08 Jun

A large gathering of citizens in Letterkenny engaged with each other on Tuesday evening, June 7th, on ways to renew Ireland at this time of social and economic crisis in...read more

We the Citizens in Letterkenny Tonight!

07 Jun

It's now the turn of the people of the North-West to share their views and ideas on how we can renew our country. The Donegal 'We the Citizens' event is...read more

More from Blanchardstown

06 Jun

  Citizens should be able to question elected representatives at regular public forums in the constituencies on the decisions being made in their name. That was just one of the...read more

What they said in Tallaght

05 Jun

The We the Citizens gathering in Tallaght confirmed a clear mood in the country for more citizen engagement with the political process between elections.   There was also an acknowledgement...read more

Why so few women in Irish politics?

02 Jun

This is a topic that's emerged at our citizens events. Claire McGing of NUI Maynooth has been taking a closer look at the reasons for this in our Talk section....read more

“You Shouldn’t Waste a Crisis”

01 Jun

One hundred and fifty people met in Blanchardstown on Tuesday night to engage with each other on ways to renew Ireland at this time of social and economic crisis in...read more

Being Irish - Fiach Mac Conghail

28 May

Our Chairperson Fiach is featured in the 'True Characters' section of the Irish Times (Sat 28th May) in which he says this about 'Being Irish': ". . . I feel...read more

Two We the Citizens events in Dublin

27 May

We the Citizens is gearing up for two citizens’ events in Dublin next week. The first will be held in the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Blanchardstown on Tuesday evening 31st...read more

More democracy at local level

26 May

The overwhelming theme which emerged from the Galway gathering of We the Citizens was local government. Many of those who have attended the three events to date – Kilkenny, Cork...read more

Latest Online Survey Results

26 May

We the Citizens launched on April 12th. The We the Citizens' website ran a survey for over a month immediately after the launch. Here's some of the results. You can...read more

We the Citizens on RTE’s Late Debate

26 May

RTE's Late Debate Programme did a live broadcast from the We the Citizens Galway event. On the panel was Fiach MacConghail, Chairperson of We The Citizens; Mairin Ni Ghadhra, journalist...read more

Galway Citizens Speak Up

26 May

A hundred and fifty people gathered in Galway on Tuesday night to engage with each other on ways to renew Ireland at this time of social and economic crisis in...read more

Is Feidir Linn - Obama

24 May

'We the Citizens' loved President Obama's dismissal of the cynics and the naysayers during his powerful speech in Dublin's College Green. "Your best days are still ahead", he told us....read more

What they talked about on Table Eleven

23 May

There were some intense conversations at the Cork event.  To get a flavour of what was being said, our camera crew focused on one of the tables - with the...read more

Fiach Mac Conghail Nominated for Seanad

23 May

The Chairperson of We the Citizens, Fiach Mac Conghail has been nominated to the 24th Seanad as one of An Taoiseach, Enda Kenny’s nominees.   ‘I am extremely honoured to...read more

We the Citizens in Galway Next

23 May

We the Citizens' third event is taking place in Galway on Tuesday May 23rd. Preparations are in full swing for the event which will be taking place in the Radisson...read more

A trailer from Cork

20 May

A filmed report of the Cork event is being put together.  Here's a short preview.http://www.youtube.com/user/wethecitizensVideo ...read more

More citizen involvement between elections

20 May

Citizens should have much greater involvement in political issues between elections rather than just casting a vote once every five years. For example, this could be done by holding elected...read more

Public Seek Voting Re-call

20 May

An article written in the Cork News outlines some of the most pertinent issues that emerged at the We the Citizens' event in the Clarion on May 18th. You can...read more

We the Citizens Comes to Cork

17 May

Sign-ups for the Cork 'We the Citizens' event have been coming in fast and the team are currently preparing for what promises to be one of the initiative’s biggest events....read more

What was said at the Kilkenny event

13 May

Three dominant themes emerged from citizens at the Kilkenny event. Participants focused on values in public life – transparency, accountability and honesty. There were calls for greater decision making at...read more

The Big Talking Points at Kilkenny

12 May

Almost two hundred people met in Kilkenny on Tuesday night to engage with each other on ways to renew Ireland at this time of social and economic crisis in Ireland....read more

We the Citizens First Event Tonight!

10 May

We the Citizens are delighted to announce that its first event citizens' event is taking place tonight in Langtons in Kilkenny at 6.15pm. This citizens' event will kickstart a series...read more

Facilitator Team Preparing for the Events

09 May

    Bright and early on Saturday morning over twenty facilitators came together for training. Gary Joyce of Genesis put the facilitators straight to work. She was on board to...read more

Special Guest Appearances Announced

04 May

Gary Cooke and Barry Murphy of Après Match fame are among some of the special guests who will have people smiling at our citizens' events across Ireland. These talented artists...read more

Kilkenny Kicks Off

27 Apr

With less than two weeks until the first We the Citizens event takes place in Kilkenny - preparations are now in full swing. The people of Carlow, Kilkenny and surrounding areas...read more

The Rebel County Takes Charge

26 Apr

It's only three weeks until the Cork We the Citizens event takes place in the Clarion Hotel on Wed. May 18th. Already, Cork is one of the fastest events to fill up...read more

A Fantastic Start for We the Citizens

19 Apr

It’s only been a week since We the Citizens launched but already 375 people around Ireland have signed up to our citizens’ events.   A further 51 have offered to volunteer. We have...read more

Making Headlines in Iceland!

18 Apr

'We the Citizens' Makes Headlines in Iceland! Icelandic media covered the launch of We the Citizens in a national newspaper. You can download the article...read more

Media Coverage

18 Apr

We were mentioned and discussed in several media pieces over the past few days: Drivetime, RTÉ Radio 1 13-Apr-2011 Listen / Download the Podcast RTE's The Week in Politics  ...read more

Media Coverage of Launch

13 Apr

We were delighted with the media coverage of the launch of We the Citizens. Some of the highlights include: RTE Six One News: Six One News: Group aims to reconnect...read more

We the Citizens Launch: Video

13 Apr

Speech by Fiach MacConghail, Chairperson at the launch of We the Citizens....read more

Some photos from the launch

12 Apr

Here is a selection of some photos from the launch of We the Citizens on Tuesday 12 April 2011. Fiach MacConghail (Chairperson), Caroline Erskine and Prof. David Farrell Some of...read more

Launch coverage in theirishworld.com

12 Apr

The launch of 'We the Citizens' has been covered by The Irish World: http://bit.ly/dPoo6N...read more

Launch covered in thejournal.ie

12 Apr

The Journal.ie has covered the launch of 'We the Citizens' (http://bit.ly/fTxSIU) From the article: Abbey Theatre director Fiach Mac Conghail, who is acting as the initiative’s chairman, said the project...read more

Chairperson of ‘We the Citizens’

11 Apr

Director of the Abbey theatre, Fiach Mac Conghail has accepted an invitation to chair ‘We the Citizens’. “Our objective is to primarily engage the public, including those who are increasingly...read more

Academic Team Get Behind ‘We the Citizens’

11 Apr

'We the Citizens’ are delighted to have a strong academic team behind our initiative. Prof. David Farrell of UCD, Dr. Elaine Byrne of TCD, Dr. Eoin O’Malley of DCU and...read more

‘We the Citizens’ Series of Events Confirmed

08 Apr

We the Citizens are inviting the people of Ireland to come along to a We the Citizens event in their region. We’re inviting fellow citizens to come together to share...read more

National Citizens Assembly Announced

08 Apr

We the Citizens are delighted to announce that a National Citizens’ Assembly for Ireland will be held in Dublin on June 25th and June 26th. 150 people representing a cross-section...read more

We the Citizens Final Report

We the Citizens Final Report


Date: 13 / 12 / 2011

The Story of We the Citizens

The Story of We the Citizens


Date: 13 / 12 / 2011

Voices from Athlone

Voices from Athlone


Date: 17 / 06 / 2011

Voices from Letterkenny

Voices from Letterkenny


Date: 10 / 06 / 2011

Voices from Tallaght

Voices from Tallaght


Date: 03 / 06 / 2011

Voices from Blanchardstown

Voices from Blanchardstown


Date: 01 / 06 / 2011

Galway Event

Galway Event


Date: 26 / 05 / 2011

Galway Event: Reactions

Galway Event: Reactions


Date: 25 / 05 / 2011

Cork: Discussion At Table 11

Cork: Discussion At Table 11


Date: 24 / 05 / 2011

Cork Voxpops

Cork Voxpops


Date: 21 / 05 / 2011

We The Citizens: Kilkenny

We The Citizens: Kilkenny


Date: 16 / 05 / 2011

WTC Training Day

WTC Training Day


Date: 07 / 05 / 2011

WTC Launch: David Farrell

WTC Launch: David Farrell


Date: 12 / 04 / 2011

WTC Launch: Caroline Erskine

WTC Launch: Caroline Erskine


Date: 12 / 04 / 2011

We the Citizens Introduction

We the Citizens Introduction


Date: 08 / 04 / 2011

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